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Friday, November 25, 2016

Welcome to The Blog Made by and FOR FirstMet.Com Members. Is this a SCAM?

Hello My Friends!

My name is Rob and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Over the past few months, I have been playing on a website called

After hundreds of emails from the company, I finally took the leap to join. I paid 6 months in advance. This is what my profile looks like:

So I started to get messages from people from all over.  I do not have a lot of time, so chat is not my thing.  I sent the ones that I wanted to talk to an email and asked them to contact me. Some did.... but here is where is gets weird!

The profile said that the girl was in say... Texas... and she calls me from a Kentucky number?  hmmmm

Not so bad right?   Well when I got one of the girls on the phone I was able to reverse the number to HONG KONG!  She had bad English and was a complete mess.  I called her on this fact and she said I was a white rich American?  Wait, isn't this supposed to be a site to meet people LIKE YOU?

So it happened again today... so being the master of the media that I am, I wanted you guys to hear my story and to give you the opportunity to tell me yours!

Is this site a scam?  Are the girls we see actually just random faces with girls in Hong Kong or China trying to get us to spend money?

This story deserves more investigation!  email me directly if you know about this company at and I will run your story!

The bottom line is that I am a great guy looking for a real girl who is my equal. These sites take your money to help that process.... or do they.

Let Me Know America!
Las Vegas, Nevada

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